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Donate Plasma, Save Lives

Plasma therapy can help seriously ill COVID-19 patients in their recovery.

Dear Covid Warrior,

Congratulations on recovering from COVID-19 and thank you for showing interest in becoming a plasma donor!

You were fortunate enough to go home without any complications. But there are a few others who are seriously ill and need treatment with convalescent plasma therapy.

The reason you are back to good health is that your plasma now contains antibodies that helped you fight Coronavirus.Your plasma can now help treat people whose body is not able to fight the virus.

Even amongst COVID-19 survivors, few qualify the eligibility criteria to become donors. There is an urgent need to mobilize donors and make plasma easily available in blood banks even before a recipient request reaches them!

Team AmberHealth

If you decide to help a fellow Covid warrior, these are the next steps:
Register as a Plasma donor by filling a simple form
Our team will reach out to you for verifying your details
On successful verification, we will put you in touch with a licensed plasma donor centre
Supporting donor centre

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