Amber Health
Our Initiative

Amber Health is a volunteer run non-profit initiative based out of Bangalore. It was started by medical professionals and technology experts who have created a digital platform for COVID-19 plasma donation facilitation.

Our main aim is to help increase plasma availability at blood banks and COVID-19 treatment centres even before a recipient request reaches them.

We at Amber Health are focusing on helping voluntary plasma donors get connected with:

# Licensed plasma donor centres for a safe and smooth plasma donation experience


# Recipient requests through verified channels as and when required

Our Story

We are a couple who have personally faced the difficulties of COVID-19, hence understand the panic and helplessness of arranging a donor at desperate times. While suffering from the disease ourselves, we were searching for plasma donors for our father who was undergoing treatment and in a critical condition.

The timely availability of a donor helped our father recover and saw our family through a time of crisis. There were very few means of finding donors back then and our main tools were social media and a wide network of family and friends. Driven by our experience, we started on a journey to make a difference by first becoming donors ourselves and then creating Amber Health to help others in need.

Please share this website in your circles. Even if youโ€™re not a donor, you will help a life by bringing this information to somebody who could be a potential donor.

Supporting donor centre

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